How you can help by giving your time

We couldn’t have achieved all we have in the last four years without the passion and energy from our teams and volunteers.

So, we’re always looking for can-do volunteers to help sort and prepare our supplies also to help us raise funds to allow us to buy products that are needed.

Read about our volunteer experiences below.

Ready to join us?

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Pass It On supporting the homeless

When I met Dave*

He was so open, telling me about his life and his children, showing me pictures of their smiling faces.

Perhaps it was this which hit me the most – the thought that underneath the tough exterior, he wasn’t so different to most of us. Years on the streets had left deep scars – like many, he’d turned to substance abuse, enduring lonely days and freezing nights without proper shelter. Any relationship with his children had been impossible, he said – they could walk right past and neither would recognise the other. Eventually I too had to walk on too – but the sadness in his story, and the sense that it could happen to any of us, has stayed with me ever since.

Kaleigh – Volunteer

The Pass It On team with clothes for the homeless

When I met Daniel*

I met Daniel* on our first campaign, at a time when his life on the streets he stayed in was especially rough.

I was with the team, giving out donations when some unrest occurred between a group of men just ahead of us – it looked to be turning ugly. Within seconds, Daniel had moved me away, staying by my side until the incident calmed down, reassuring me that all would be fine. There I’d been, trying to help him – and yet it as it turned out, it was he who was helping me!

This year I was fortunate enough to see him again and delighted to learn that with support he’d found a home and was turning around his life. He now has a job, a partner and child. I thanked him for the kindness he’d shown me that night and hope that in some small way Pass It On had helped him too.

Kaleigh – Volunteer

*Names have been changed